Carers Advice

Who Are You Looking After?

If you provide regular, unpaid help for a relative or a friend who has any of the following then you are a carer:

  • A Mental Health Need
  • A Physical Disability
  • Misuse of Alcohol/Drugs
  • A Sensory Impairment
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Elderly or Frail

Who Is Looking After You?

You may have been helping for the person or people for some time already, regularly supporting them with everyday tasks or giving them the sort of support they need to stay in the family home. You may see it as part of your life or duty to care for your Mum or Dad, your partner, your child or friend, but there may be times when you need some support, advice or a break from the responsibility of caring.

You may be a parent, wife, husband, partner, daughter, son, friend or neighbour - but you are also a Carer. Or you may know someone who is. Young people and children may also be carers and are known as Young Carers You may be providing all or some of the following:

  • Personal care for a child or adult
  • Health care
  • Support with mobility
  • Domestic tasks
  • Rehabilitation
  • Supporting emotional needs of the person you look after
When you are a carer, it is often difficult to have a real break because someone depends on you to look after them. You can get tired and run down and your health may possibly suffer. It is important to look after yourself as well. If your health suffers what would happen to the person you care for?

If you are caring for someone please let us know via the online form below. Telling us about your situation can help us to support you and make sure that you yourself get the right sort of care.

Register a Carer

Northamptonshire Carer’s Service

With your agreement we can also put you in touch with the Northamptonshire Carer’s Service which offers advice, support and free services such as:

Free gym sessions, carer's sitting service, free holiday chalets, take a break trips, carers lunch break, Reiki and relaxation, regular telephone support, one-to-one peer support and free emergency care service. Or if you would prefer you can contact them directly on 01933 677 907 or visit their website

Carers UK

They’re here to make sure that no matter how complicated your query or your experience, you don’t have to care alone.

Telephone: 020 7378 4999


Flu Vaccinations

Carers are entitled to book a flu vaccination appointment. Please contact the surgery on 01604 630396 for further details and to arrange a suitable time.